Finding your own voice

You have a great idea, a product or service that you truly believe in and it could help people make their lives better. FANTASTIC! You have done your fair bit of market research, and you find that it already exists in some shape or form. SH*T! Doubt creeps in: It’s not unique enough. It’s been…… Continue reading Finding your own voice

Books can change your life

I just came across this sentence and it struck me. How true – in our case, for sure! A little history When I was a child, I started to read before going to school. I was fascinated by the beautiful shape of letters and that they actually stood for and meant something. Bit by bit,…… Continue reading Books can change your life

The power of communicating assertively

I’ve recently attended a fantastic two day training on assertive communication and it was just WOW. If there is one skill that you need to learn because it will start to make an immediate difference both in your personal life and in business, it is assertiveness. So I decided to outline here the most important…… Continue reading The power of communicating assertively

You cannot not communicate – so you better do it right …

Such a complex topic. Communication. One of my favourites. And this is why: “Your ability to communicate with others will account for fully 85% of your success in your business and in your life.” Brian Tracy As a teacher and marketing specialist, I practice communication at work. As a wife, daughter, sister, friend etc, I…… Continue reading You cannot not communicate – so you better do it right …

Embracing change

It’s the first day of spring, hallelujah! New season, new beginnings. Change used to be a tabu word in my vocabulary. I just loved (and let’s admit that part of me still loves) predictability, knowing what the day holds and I also love (note – present tense!) planning everything from morning latte till lights out.…… Continue reading Embracing change

Hello & Welcome!

Welcome! I’m Gabriella Ferenczi. My ultimate goal is to add value to your life and your business and give you some personal insights and tools you can immediately use when it comes to personal and business development with a special focus on communication. I am a German & Hungarian teacher turned marketing and communication specialist,…… Continue reading Hello & Welcome!

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