Can I help you?

Could you use my skills and knowledge to your advantage? I would love to hear from you if you think I could contribute to your business’ progress and success.

An unusual “confession” of a budding entrepreneur:

I’m a London-based German & Hungarian language coach, trainer, podcaster, author and community builder. A multi-passionate person and eternal optimist with a mission to help people achieve their goals.

And now, here I am, at a cross road. I’ve had the pleasure to work on numerous businesses and projects at the same time, but there’s something missing from my puzzle that could bring a break through financially. Therefore, I need to learn more, do more, and in order to realise my dream business, I want to start a part-time ‘side job’ to support my efforts.

I want to be myself when applying. I don’t want to omit things from my ‘CV’. I don’t want to hide who I am: an entrepreneurial creative spirit that is open-minded, always asking questions and seeking THE ultimate answer to what’s life’s purpose.

I would love to feel more secure and start a family with my husband, and I want a steadier stream of income. But I don’t want to give up working on what I’m passionate about: building communities, initiating meaningful conversations and establishing a boutique language training company. My mission with that is to help strengthen international business and trade relationships and directly contribute to British businesses becoming more successful internationally.

So, if we are the right match, I’d love to give you 2-3 days of my life, to help you achieve your business goals, be it marketing, content creation, Youtube uploads, podcast notes, general admin, creating job adverts, landing pages, copywriting, payroll, staff training, project management, sales and the like.

In return, I would like to learn from you and be inspired by seeing your way of doing business and ultimately, I would like to offer my skills to help you get your business from where it is now to where you’d like to take it.

By right match, I mean that it’s important for me that I resonate to what you do, that I can relate to your mission. I want to feel that I can contribute in a meaningful way to something good, to something great. I want to understand what it is that you do to make this world a better place. Because that’s what a business does: it serves, and it solves problems. Real problems. And by making our life easier, a business makes our world better.

5 principles I live by:

  • Be the change you want to see in the world.
  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln
  • Everything is figureoutable.
  • Step up and take responsibility.
  • “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

5 of my greatest strengths:

  • Hard work. I’m very task- and solution oriented, so when I get excited about a project, I easily get in the flow and immerse myself in the work which I enjoy so much. That’s when I’m most productive too.
  • I don’t get pulled down easily. If I see a negative person in my environment, I stick to what I believe is best and encourage the person to join me in doing something instead of commiserating.
  • Empathy, honest kindness, helpfulness and sociability.
  • I don’t bother you, I figure things out and work until things get sorted.

Businesses and Projects I’ve worked on:

I. ProLingua Global Language Coaching

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding.”

/William Arthur Ward/

ProLingua Global is my boutique language training company. It’s an organic extension of who I am and what I’ve been doing over the past 11 years in London:

I train executives and finance professionals who do business in Germany or Hungary and require specific business language training in the field they work in. I’ve worked with people from various corporate backgrounds including company executives, bankers, lawyers, IT people, accountants, and covered a wide range of business topics in my classes: HR, real estate financing, investments, compliance, accounts, corporate law, global markets – international stock, capital markets trading, account management, insurance, re-insurance.

  • I created highly bespoke language coaching programmes that suit even the busiest executives working in the City of London.
  • I launched a fortnightly email newsletter series to keep clients focused and motivated.
  • I started an exclusive informal monthly social event series for clients, so those who study 1-on-1 can meet other like-minded individuals and inspire each other.
  • I established my own client base. Liaised with companies and clients.
  • Invoicing on a monthly basis. Keeping in touch with clients and companies.
  • Creating the entire website content, podcast interviews and episodes, blog posts, social media distribution.
  • Creating beautiful brochures and training descriptions.

My mission is to make teaching relevant and engaging, and to help my clients and their companies achieve their greatest potential to succeed in business and life using the target language at the desired level. In my opinion, teaching is all about empathy and inspiration. If my actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, I’ve done a great job.

II. Figaro London Hair & Beauty

Besides teaching, I got involved in doing marketing and HR for an award-winning hair & beauty salon called Figaro London near London’s funky Old Street and found the whole process extremely rewarding and exciting.

  • I’m now directly involved in HR, recruitment and organising and conducting training events for the salon personnel.
  • I teach communication skills with a special focus on time management, consultation and sales, as well as assertive communication to help dealing with conflicts and create an inspiring, motivating and rewarding environment for the personnel to work in where trust and cooperation is the norm.
  • I create and execute marketing campaigns including newsletters, landing pages, blog posts. I created the entire website.
  • I do the payroll, make bank transfers, ensure compliance, do the annual return, apply for licences, and make sure everything runs smoothly in the background.

III. Language Professionals’ Networking Event

“It is a luxury to put our interests first. It is an honour to put the interest of others before ourselves.” 

Simon Sinek

I’m host and organiser of Language Professionals’ Networking Event, a monthly social gathering.

The purpose of these regular meetings is to provide a platform where language teachers, coaches, trainers, tutors, translators, interpreters, voice-over actors, voice coaches, language and speech therapists, language and translation consultants, researchers and the like, can meet, learn from each other, be inspired by talks and interviews with some brilliant minds from the linguist world, ask for support from like-minded professionals, and learn of new opportunities.

Apart from the social event that’s a non-profit and supports Moorfields Eye Charity, I also started to organise unique training days and exclusive programmes which will be a for-profit side of the initiative.

  • Creating events and publishing them on Eventbrite.
  • Publishing event updates, newsletters
  • Creating video content and publishing on Youtube
  • Social media distribution

IV. The ProLingua Global Podcast

I started this podcast channel to interview business people on how they learnt foreign languages and how it has benefitted them at work. 4 episodes are now available on Youtube, iTunes and Spotify, and season 2 is starting end of January.

  • Inviting business people and executives to be interviewed.
  • Sending them over information on what to expect and how to prepare.
  • Recording the interviews.
  • Editing the audio files and uploading them to a podcast hosting platform.
  • Social media distribution.

V. Published author

I’m co-author of the Amazon best-ranked book My Camino Walk #1, edited by Andrew Priestley, an award winning business leadership coach and mentor, author and speaker.

I share lessons I’ve learnt when walking a 300km section of an ancient pilgrimage route in Northern Spain with my husband, a wonderful, transformational experience for both of us.

Continuous Self Studying

I read and listen to audio books on Business, Effective Time and Workload Management, Sales and the Psychology of Selling, Successful Marketing Strategies, Investments.

I regularly attend Conferences, Networking Events and Seminars on the above topics too. Some of my favourite conferences and seminars I attended in the past 4 years:

  • The role of emotions in foreign language learning and teaching, King’s College Nov 2018
  • The Lead Gen Academy with Richard Woods June 2018
  • International Intellectual Property Day with Aston Martin April 2018
  • Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in a Modern World with Wade David March 2018
  • Threshold Accelerator Programme with Daniel Priestley March 2017 – April 2018
  • Intercultural Communication – Advantages and Challenges November 2017
  • Pechakucha London June 2016
  • Brand expansion workshop with Daniel Priestley, May 2016
  • Business Start-up Show London, May 2016 and November 2016
  • Content Marketing that doesn’t suck. Campus London. April 2016
  • Assertiveness Training (January 2016)
  • III. Annual Marketing Festival in Budapest, Hungary (January 2016)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan Belfort on “Ethical Selling”
  • Women Achievers Congress with Kim Kiyosaki
  • Success Summit London 2015 with Nick Vujicic
  • Success 2014 London with Les Brown, Duncan Bannatyne & Chris Gardner
  • Brian Tracy in Budapest on successful time and task management.
  • Andy Harrington’s Public Speaking University.
  • Tigrent PI360 Property Investment.
  • Gerry Roberts’ Publish a Book seminar (January 2016)
  • Robert & Kim Kiyosaki 2014 London


Excellent language skills:

  • Fluent in 3 languages: English, German and Hungarian, both in speaking and writing.

Social skills and competences:

  • I love networking, great conversations and building meaningful relationships.
  • Managing, engaging and inspiring groups is driving me to be creative and come up with new methods and ideas.
  • I enjoy public speaking.

Organisational skills and competences:

  • I can confidently work with strict deadlines, am highly organised and am prepared to go above and beyond for a project to be a success.

Computer skills and competences:

  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office tools and Mac Tools.
  • My Excel needs a bit a brush up though. I’m okay with basic calculations, but I am a bit slow as I don’t use it on a daily basis.

Artistic skills and competences:

  • My personal blog/website: – I write about personal and business development.
  • Playing the piano, singing.
  • Gluten free, diary free and sugar free and delicious cooking and baking.

Other skills and competences:

  • Precision to detail, I am determined to work until all is in perfect order.
  • Reliability, responsibility.
  • Loyalty and ambition.

Hobbies, interests:

  • Books and audio books – personal development, business development, marketing, entrepreneurship. My current favourites are The Coaching Habit, books by Simon Sinek, Adam Grant, Daniel Priestly, Gary Chapman, Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington.
  • Writing.
  • Travelling.
  • Cooking, great food and wine.
  • Inspiring films and documentary series on Netflix.

Driving licence:

  • Clear driving licence. (Category B, 08/11/2002)


Thank you so much for reading my “confession” and getting this far. Could this set of skills be useful to you? If so, these are my contact details, I’d love to hear from you:

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