Thoughts on the meaning of success

The other day, I was interviewed by business coach and entrepreneur Orsi Beata Nagy. We had a pleasent conversation in Hungarian, about success. How do you prepare for an interview on success? – I asked myself. I knew that Orsi would ask questions about my life and my journey. I didn’t know what those questions…… Continue reading Thoughts on the meaning of success

Maya, the caged bird

Maya Angelou. Just by writing her name, I feel so much warmth and joy. I kept seeing her name in those unimaginative Instagram quotes, but never really bothered to look up who she is. Until one day, a feature documentary appears in front of me on Netflix, on her life, entitled: And Still, I Rise.…… Continue reading Maya, the caged bird

Back on what track?

Before the pandemic, I used to say a lot: “Ok, I’m now back on track” whenever I overcame a challenging situation. And then, I watched Becoming – a Netflix documentary on Michelle Obama’s book tour. At one point, Michelle says this: “Get back on what track?It’s a whole new track.It’s not going back.It’s just all…… Continue reading Back on what track?

A book recommendation for the times we’re in

I’m reading a beautiful book called Man’s Search for Meaning. The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust. The author, Viktor Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist. He survived the Holocaust. The lessons he shares in this book are especially poignant in the times we are in. He says: “Humour is the soul’s weapon in…… Continue reading A book recommendation for the times we’re in

A personal update from me during Corona times

First and foremost, I hope you, your family, and loved ones are safe and well. 🙏 I’m in London, in our apartment, with husband. We cancelled all travel plans, we closed our hair and beauty salon, and we’re prepared to hunker down inside for the next 6-12 weeks, or as long as needed. We are determined to…… Continue reading A personal update from me during Corona times

Never underestimate the power of altitude

Our journey through the Himalyas was a transformational one in many ways. I’ve written here extensively about some of the cultural, historical and spiritual lessons we’ve learnt. It’s now time to address the physical side of the story: life at high altitude.  I’ve read books and guides on how to prepare, but I wish I…… Continue reading Never underestimate the power of altitude


“The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.” Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese-American writer, poet and visual artist (1883-1931) Great teachers are masters of expressing complicated things in a simple way. As are great copywriters. Or mentors who hold a mirror to you. I’m wondering what other professions can you think of…… Continue reading Simplicity