Marketing & Copywriting

Great copy can be the secret remedy for success in business and yet, thousands of creatives and business owners struggle with getting the right words down on the page.

Do these sound familiar to you?

  • I know my About page just doesn’t leave a lasting impression but I have no idea how to make it right …
  • I know I should have a blog but not sure where to start.
  • My product or services descriptions are plain boring and I can’t fix it.
  • Writing has never been my strong point.
  • I’m an OK writer but I tend to ramble.
  • I can’t seem to write in my own voice.
  • I’m biased and can’t see the forest from the tree. (In other words, I’m not sure what to write about and what’s important from the customers’ perspective …)
  • I really know I should write social updates, but even a tweet takes so much time to formulate that instead, I just hit the share button.



Leonid Pasternak: The Passion of Creation

Writing original, amazing copy brings your brand’s message to life and attracts more of your ideal customers.

“Copywriting” is the act of writing “copy” (text) in order to
communicate and persuade. 
It refers to any words you use each and every day  in your business, online or offline.

Here’s a few examples for on- and offline places where all businesses need an effective copy:

  • Blog post titles & Blog post content
  • Home page, About page and in fact, all web pages
  • Product or offering descriptions
  • Meta tags and descriptions
  • Tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram updates
  • Landing pages
  • Sales videos
  • Email subject lines & Email content
  • Brochures, Leaflets, and Menus
  • Window signs
  • Book cover
  • ‘A’ board ads (think chalkboard signs outside stores)
  • Price lists
  • Thank you notes
  • Postcards
  • Vouchers

You know that you need to be persuasive to get those clicks and to get people to pay attention.

So, let me help you make simple tweaks to your existing copy or create a new one from scratch, that will clear up all kinds of  issues and give you a clear, glowing communicational identity.


Copywriting Services

Who is this for?

This service is strictly for quality businesses that care about what they do and want to market their products or services more effectively.

It is for business owners who feel confident that their offering genuinely serves people, are passionate about what they do and proud of the value it presents to the world, but need a little help to communicate what they’ve got to offer.

Who is this not for?

It’s not for business people who want to make a gimmick, make a fast sale or spell a swift win over their unsuspecting customers.

And it’s also not for those who are in business for the short term to make a quick profit and then go on to new pastures.

I’m very selective with clients I work with as I can’t produce an effective copy that brings in more sales and customers if I don’t resonate with you and what your business and products are all about.

And how much is it?

I work with service packages that cater for most small- and medium-sized business’ needs, including Social Media management, blogging, website copy, landing pages, newsletter series etc. as well as provide consultancy services.

Fill in this contact form to get in touch and discuss your exact needs and let me get back to you with a bespoke quote within 24 hours.


Let’s not waste more time, get your copy cleared up so you can start winning over people and get them to say
to your brilliant offering!