Training Programmes 2017/2018

Fed up with feeling left out and not understanding conversations around you in German or Hungarian? Want to participate in chats and discussions, feeling more confident when using the target language? I’m here to help.

Applications are now open for my boutique language coaching programmes in 2017/2018.

I believe that no two clients have the same needs, therefore language training should be highly bespoke and personalised. I also believe that as a language coach, I have the responsibility to unlock your full potential and provide not just training, but also constant support, advice and guidance.

My programmes were created with the busy professionals in mind who

  • want to finally converse and have fantastic times with their spouse’s family
  • want to participate in meaningful discussions with business partners and colleagues
  • would like to feel more confident when it comes to speaking and writing
  • have a very limited time frame to achieve results
  • want to get the best out of their investment into their personal development


“When I started working with Gabi about 3 years ago, I was a beginner who had not had a single lesson, and I can now confidently read books and newspapers, understand films and TV programmes, write and hold conversations in German.

Gabi’s classes are always interesting, varied and above all enjoyable.

They are also highly interactive, and by guiding me as I used the language myself, Gabi has helped me to make real progress.
She is an excellent tutor.”

T.H. – Private Student


  1. We clarify the results you want to achieve and get 100% focused.
  2. Then, we assess where you are now.
  3. We make a detailed plan about how we are going to bridge the gap to where you want to be.
  4. If all is well and we both think we’re a good match, we get going.
  5. Monitoring your progress, constant support and the occasional ‘kick in the pants’ coupled with your dedication will make sure you achieve what you’re after within the time frame defined at the outset.

To ensure I can deliver consistently high-quality services, my capacity is limited to 20 students a year. Therefore, I’m selective with clients. I only work with people I genuinely believe I can serve well and who would really benefit from my approach.

Can I read customer reviews?

Absolutely, if you’re looking for honest reviews of my language programmes, or want to see the kinds of people who take my classes and the results they create, I’ve got you covered.

How much do you charge?

When it comes to pricing, I operate at the higher end of the spectrum. Language Coaching, like any other training programme, is indeed an investment. I know how successful people think; And  I need leverage on you. Without enough leverage, there won’t be enough drive and consequently, there won’t be enough change.

To find out more about my approach and what you can achieve within certain time frames, please visit this page.

If you’re interested, fill in this quick contact form to ask for my Icebreaker Pdf and Language Coaching Brochure. 


These links lead the way.

Wishing you a fantastic 2017/2018 with loads of opportunities for personal development and growth.

DSC_2182With love,

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