“I cannot praise Gabi enough. I know Gabi on two levels. Firstly, as the Head of HR at a german bank in London, I arrange lessons with Gabi for our employees who need to use german for their role. I have had nothing but positive feedback. And secondly, I have german lessons with her myself. I have learned german for nearly 30 years, at school, university and professionally. I’m not exaggerating when I say Gabi is the best teacher I’ve ever experienced. She is positive, encouraging, kind and enthusiastic. Her lessons are always varied and interesting. She will let me choose topics and bring along work related documents, or if I don’t have time, she’ll bring something interesting to do. We read texts, listen to audio clips, watch videos e.g. news clips, do grammar exercises, write emails, and have lots of interesting conversations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone at any level.”

Gillian W.

Gabriella is a very enthusiastic teacher with a unique teaching technique that customises language learning for individuals. We enjoyed all of the lessons. We went through several topics which are very important for everyday life but they are normally forgotten from the syllabuses of other common language schools.  The topics were very well organised starting from basics and working towards more advanced level in our individual learning pace. We found the lessons were very interesting, useful and worthwhile to take. We definitely recommend them to professionals who would be eager to improve their language skills.

Csilla & Richard

“When I started working with Gabi about 3 years ago, I was a beginner who had not had a single lesson, and I can now confidently read books and newspapers, understand films and TV programmes, write and hold conversations in German. Gabi’s classes are always interesting, varied and above all enjoyable. They are also highly interactive, and by guiding me as I used the language myself, Gabi has helped me to make real progress.
She is an excellent tutor.”

T.H. – private student

“I’ve been learning with Gabi as a private student for nearly 6 years now.  Our lessons are fun and the topics are very varied, anything from discussing current affairs, history, tourism to the rich and famous, and of course the nuts and bolts of German grammar.  Gabi finds course material on anything I’m interested in and I’m constantly amazed that I can actually converse on these subjects in German.  Gabi’s a great teacher, friendly, enthusiastic, creative, and patient – she is clearly doing something right, because I keep going back for more!”

Lesley M.

“I have studied German with Gabi for a number of years & really enjoyed my lessons.

Gabi takes the time to find subjects that you are interested in to help teach the language

Using different styles to teach the German grammar, appreciating that not everybody learns the same way  

My confidence & appreciation of the German language has leapt forward since having Gabi as my German teacher

Sue “

Susan T.

Gabi’s easy-going, friendly style of teaching is a great way to learn and is coupled with an enthusiasm for the job that she loves.

She continues to tailor our lessons around my interests and takes into consideration day to day events to keep the lessons current. She also plans lesson content around a course I’ve undertaken for a new work role, whilst effortlessly taking interest in the course subject herself.

I’d highly recommend an introductory class with Gabi to see for yourself!

Donna L.

Gabi teaches interesting and varied lessons. She isn’t rigid in her teaching and allows you to take your lessons where you wish them to go. I have not felt afraid to make mistakes and have learnt from them. I would highly recommend her.

Joanna P.

I have been learning German with Gabi for almost 7 years and the time has flown by! 

Gabi is very friendly and enthusiastic which immediately puts you at ease in the lessons. The learning style is very flexible and the lessons are individually customised to your needs and cover a variety of topics work & non-work related, but always very current.

Gabi uses different methods, including mobile phone downloads, which makes the lessons very interesting. Gabi has built up my confidence and I can definitely recommend her.


Karen A.