5 Steps to Set up, Serve and Grow Your Email List

Your email list is, aside from your website, your most valuable business asset. Do you have one?

  • Yes? Well done! Are you making the most of it? What steps are you taking to systematically grow it?
  • No? You’re leaving money on the table. Big time!

In this exclusive, 2-hour nuts-and-bolts workshop, you’ll be taken through a 5-step process to help you set up, serve and grow your email list. 
Expect a no-nonsense, very practical tutorial series with a combination of short talks, screen-shared tutorials, step-by-step guidance and real-life examples that work.

The goal: to make sure you know exactly what you need to do to get email marketing right for your language business. 

The ultimate goal: to grow your list and convert many subscribers into paying customers.

Your guide and teacher: Gabriella Ferenczi

Gabriella Ferenczi is a German and Hungarian language teacher. She is the founder of ProLingua Global, a boutique London-based language training company. She is the host and organiser of Language Professionals’ Networking Event, a non-profit monthly social initiative. And she’s also the marketing director of Figaro London, an award-winning hair and beauty salon in Central London.

Across these 3 initiatives, Gabriella has been the marketing mentor and teacher to 10 digital marketing interns who all learnt the practical aspects of online marketing with her help and guidance.

She’s a teacher at heart, and her clients appreciate her no-nonsense, very practical approach. Early January 2021, Gabriella launched Thrive Online, and online space with practical resources, tools, guides, podcasts and talks to help fellow language professionals with their marketing challenges. This brand new, exclusive workshop is part of that.

What to expect

With Gabriella’s help, you’ll walk through the following 5 steps in this workshop:

Step 1: You’ll learn click by click how you can create your Email List(s)

Step 2: You’ll see how you can create a Sign-up Form (you’ll use it to collect email addresses from potential customers)

Step 3: You’ll understand how you can integrate Sign-up Form into your Website  (and other important places online)

Step 4: You’ll learn different ways to encourage people to sign up

Step 5: You’ll see how you can craft Emails People Can’t Wait to Open

Yes, it will be technical. But there’s one thing you’ll not have, guaranteed: unnecessary tech jargon and that dreaded feeling of tech overwhelm.

The workshop will be recorded. You’ll receive the video recording, so you can refer back to it again and again, making sure that you can implement each point that is mentioned.

This is not only about ideas and strategies. 
This is the workshop where you can see the real deal. See how it’s done. Learn how it’s set up.
And witness how all those precious ideas and strategies that you’ve learnt can actually be implemented.

Because let’s be honest: Ideas are worthless without implementation.

Your investment: 2 hours of your time & £47
When and whereabout? Tuesday, 30th March 2-4pm UK time on Zoom

Join Gabriella and learn how to get your email marketing sorted, once and for all.

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