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A modern and holistic approach to traditional language teaching

I’m Gabriella Ferenczi, German & Hungarian language teacher and coach. A multi-passionate person and eternal optimist with a mission to help people achieve their goals.

In the past 12 years, I’ve worked with over 100 clients who learnt German or Hungarian with me.

I realised that these extremely busy, hard-working, stressed out and time-poor individuals sometimes with strong personalities needed a different approach to learning a new language. That’s how the concept of the 5-step language coaching was born.

I believe that no one wants to learn a language. You want to speak it, you want to understand and be understood, and you want to have the confidence to go out there and use the language.

Language coaching takes its inspiration and methodology from life and business coaching. It’s about helping you get from where you are to where you want to be, in the fastest possible time. It’s a no-nonsense, very practical approach.

Natural conversations are at the heart of the process. It’s based entirely on your needs, personality, learning style, schedule and availability. It’s main objective is to maximise your learning potential whilst reducing the time needed to become conversational, ensuring maximum enjoyment and cost effectiveness.

Goal setting, planning, constant feedback and reflecting are at the core of the process. It’s a highly rewarding personal development experience.

My language coaching programmes were created with the busy professionals in mind who

  • want to make the right first impression when meeting potential clients, partners or family members
  • want to finally converse and have fantastic times with their spouse’s family
  • want to participate in meaningful discussions with business partners and colleagues
  • would like to feel more confident when it comes to speaking and writing
  • have a very limited time frame to achieve results
  • want to get the best out of their investment

“I’m constantly amazed that I can actually converse on these subjects in German

“I’ve been learning with Gabi as a private student for nearly 6 years now.  
Our lessons are fun and the topics are very varied, anything from discussing current affairs, history, tourism to the rich and famous, and of course the nuts and bolts of German grammar.  
Gabi finds course material on anything I’m interested in and I’m constantly amazed that I can actually converse on these subjects in German.  

Gabi’s a great teacher, friendly, enthusiastic, creative, and patient – she is clearly doing something right, because I keep going back for more!”

Lesley M., Legal secretary

I’ve worked with clients in various industries from finance, insurance, law to fashion. I’ve coached people working for some of the largest international organisations including Barclays, Allianz, Goldman Sachs, Aberdeen Asset Management, Deloitte, PwC, Dior, Luis Vuitton Moet Hennessy just to name a few. And I’ve also worked with bilingual couples, university students, youngsters who lost their way in the language jungle and needed some guidance and confidence boost to pass an exam.

I’ve helped these individuals to prepare for important meetings and presentations, business or personal trips. I’ve helped clients get from scratch to reading, watching and understanding industry news, important documents and contracts. I’ve helped them to participate in email flows and panel discussions, or just make the right first impression on their in-laws or business partners.

I discovered that there are 7 key ingredients to make a language learning process speedy, easy, enjoyable and highly effective for business people. I’ve put all of this into a 5-step language coaching programme, only available from ProLingua Global, my boutique language training company.

James, finance professional on the challenges of learning German, the opportunities it has opened up for him, and why having the confidence to go out there and just talk is such a key part of learning a language successfully

The 5 Step Process

Assess: I assess your learning style, past experience with language studies. You just get it all off your chest.

Plan: We identify the ideal outcome and key areas for you. We then decide what is urgent and what is nice to have, so we can address these in the right order.

Learn: I coach you through natural conversations you are likely to encounter. I have a vast experience in conversations related to business, finance, property, HR, marketing, insurance, law, fashion, arts, human psychology, leadership and more. You learn the language by discovery and practice.

Refine: As you are the driver of the process you are free to detour or rewrite the whole tour should your needs change. Through constant feedback and support you learn in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Implement: The point of learning a language is to be able to take it outside the classroom and use it in real life situations. I help you with simple strategies to achieve this and organise a monthly networking event where you can test your new skills live.

The goal: To help even the busiest people to reach their desired language level in a way that requires the least amount of effort from them, and fits seamlessly into their busy schedule.

To ensure I can deliver consistently high-quality services, my capacity is limited to 10 key clients a year. Therefore, I’m selective with clients. I only work with people I genuinely believe I can serve well and who would really benefit from my approach.

“Gabi’s coaching has led me to a broader and deeper understanding of German culture

“I did not learn German at all at school, and had been thinking that was a gap in my education, so I taught myself up to a certain level from text books. I enjoyed doing that, but wanted to go further in developing my fluency and understanding, and that is where I was fortunate to find Gabi as my language coach. Coaching still involves some traditional elements of language learning, and I am entirely comfortable with that, but it offers a lot more besides. Sessions are conducted entirely in German, and that has given me much more confidence in speaking the language. 

Also, coaching allows me to explore areas of particular interest to me, […], and reading and discussion with my coach reinforces my enthusiasm to learn, while giving me a broader understanding of German culture and introducing new subjects for me to explore. We also discuss current affairs, customs and beliefs, social and scientific developments and a variety of other subjects, and I feel I have developed a very good understanding of German culture through this method of language learning.

Of course, you have to be motivated to learn in order to benefit fully from the coaching approach, but I can honestly say that each session is inspiring, I am constantly finding new subjects to explore, and Gabi’s coaching has led me to a broader and deeper understanding of German culture and a greater confidence in language use than I had thought possible.”

Antony H., Finance Executive

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Become functionally fluent – easily and speedily.

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Wishing you a great end to this turbulent 2020 and a happy new year with loads of opportunities for personal development and growth.

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