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ProLingua Global is a language coaching company founded by myself that specialises in helping international business leaders do business by developing their foreign language skills so that they can connect with the right partners. Our typical clients are corporate leaders of 7 to 9 figure businesses in the finance industry.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with over 100 clients who learnt German and Hungarian with me and I realised that these extremely busy, hard-working, stressed out and time-poor business leaders needed a different approach to learning a new language. That’s how the concept of language coaching was born.

I’ve worked with clients in various industries from finance, insurance, law to fashion. I’ve coached people working for some of the largest international organisations including Barclays, Allianz, Goldman Sachs, Aberdeen Asset Management, Deloitte, PwC, Dior, Luis Vuitton Moet Hennessy just to name a few.

With globalisation, it’s easier to do business internationally than ever before. In a global company, we simply cannot progress without the knowhow and experience to deal with other cultures and languages. I realised that companies face challenges when they operate or compete in international markets.

Clients approach me mainly when they experience first hand that they need to speak another language so they can take advantage of international business opportunities but don’t know how to learn easily and speedily.

Ultimately, the language gap can obstruct major international transactions, resulting in loss of business and financial loss.

The what and how: methodology and steps.

I’ve discovered that there are 7 key ingredients to make a language learning process speedy, easy, enjoyable and highly effective for business people.

I’ve put all of this into a language coaching programme which is designed to help overcome these problems in the fastest possible way, respecting the client’s learning style, personality and busy schedule. Natural conversations are at the core of the process which makes the whole experience very relaxed, authentic and lifelike.

The key benefits.

When participants do these language coaching programmes, they start to communicate more effectively and productively with foreign colleagues and partners, they feel more confident when speaking in the target language, they are able to follow conversations and talk freely in important situations.

Over the course of these coaching programmes, coachees go through a very rewarding personal development journey where they learn as much about the target language as they learn about different cultures and themselves.

The ultimate result.

As a result, they start to speak the language confidently, they understand what’s being said to them and they are understood. They can develop better relationships with foreign partners, better relationships lead to better sales, improved profit and market share.

I believe that learning another language promotes understanding between people, businesses and cultures. It bridges the gap between countries and enables to build meaningful connections.

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If communication is the aim, than it should be THE major element
in the process of learning a language.