My Camino Walk #1

I’m so pleased to say that my contribution has been accepted and I’m now a published author and one of 20 contributors to this amazing book, My Camino Walk #1.

Fellow pilgrims have shared their Camino experiences and insights in this wonderful collection of stories, packed with loads of practical tips and emotional wisdom.

My Camino Walk

A couple of years ago, my husband and I embarked on this ancient pilgrimage route and covered the last leg, a mere 300km section of it, from Leon to Santiago de Compostela. I say ‘mere’ as the actual route is almost 800km, and most of the other contributors did it all which is simply amazing. For us, it was all about timing – we only had 2 weeks that we could devote to this experience, and I can honestly say that it was still a mind-blowing, transformational experience for both of us.

I’ve written a bit about the experience here in the blog, but I haven’t shared as much as I did this time.

Másolat - 20161004_164415

To find out what I REALLY thought of this epic hike and what we’ve learnt along the way,   you can now get the e-book for a promotional price of £2.96 on Amazon. Once you have it, head straight to chapter 10 … that’s mine!

There is an amazing cross section of ages and backgrounds in this book, and each chapter can be read over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. You will be certainly inspired!

The book’s stories were compiled and edited by Andrew Priestley, multi-award-winning business and leadership coach, author of numerous business bestsellers.

It was only published as recently as 16th May 2018 and within 2 days, it had already achieved a best seller ranking in Australia!

We’d love it to get to #1 in the UK and I need your help please. If you buy it, I’d appreciate if you could leave a review please.

It will also be available in book stores near you very soon.

*2nd June 2018 update:

My Camino Walk went to #1 in Travel & Tourism, and #5 in Motivation & Self Help.  And now, the paperback is live on Amazon – in 12 countries!

If you have ever considered walking the Camino, or simply want to live vicariously through other people who have, this book is your ticket!

Congratulations to all the other authors and contributors, first of all on their fantastic achievement of walking the Camino de Santiago, on all the wonderful lessons they’ve learnt along the way, and congratulations to them on either becoming a published author for the first time as it happened to me, or for yet another time. It’s an absolute honour to be featured in this book alongside you:

Karen Finnin, Jackie Jarvis, Simon Welsh, Sanjiva Wijesinha, Shivantha Wijesinha, Margaret Caffyn, Maeve Samuels, Nathan Fox, Monika Mundell, Dan Stains, Heather Waring, Amanda Candy, Dan Mullins, Anne K Scott, Sarah Hewitt Rippon, Susan Jagannath, Paul Ter Wal, Matt Wright and Janet Russell.


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