Friday morning. My door bell is ringing. I’m like: It’s lockdown. And I’m not expecting any deliveries today. Who could this be?

A lady with a beautiful bunch of flowers is on my doorstep.

– Are you Gabi?
– Yeeaas.
– This is for you.
– Ahm. Oakeeeey. Thank you.

I close the door. Open the envelop like crazy. A nice thank you message from a long time client who’s been taking German language coaching sessions for years.

I’m like: this is absolutely beautiful, but why? I don’t have a birthday or anything … Anyway, I’ll find out this afternoon when I see him for our usual session.

Turns out: It was our 300th session.

This particular client has been learning German with me for years. He started from scratch. By now, he reads contemporary German literature, listens to German podcasts and audiobooks, and is a confident language user when visiting Germany or talking to Germans. And over the course of all these 300 sessions, I’ve learnt as much from him as he’s learnt from me.

I’m so so proud of his achievements, just like I’m proud of each and every single client and used-to-be-client who’ve braved the wilderness and embarked on a language learning journey.

Kudos to them all.


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