Event marketing – my contribution to a new book

I was asked to contribute to a soon-to-be-published book on how to grow your reputation, by internationally recognised marketing expert Timea Kadar. My piece will be a case study on how to start an event.

I explain how Language Professionals’ Networking Event was born. Readers will have a glimpse behind the scenes of this monthly social community event and how it’s been growing since its launch in August 2018.

London is a wonderful city with so much potential for fellow professionals of all kinds to meet. Language Professionals’ Networking is proof that if you ever feel lonely working as a freelancer, and miss the supportive company of fellow professionals, chances are that there are others who may feel the same way.

Without overthinking, I simply took action and using some of my basic marketing knowledge that I picked up over the years in business, I planted the seeds of an independent community that now grows organically.

By making it an interdisciplinary event (eg. all sorts of linguists attend such as language teachers, translators, interpreters, speech therapists, copywriters, voice-over actors, voice coaches etc.) it also became a very inspiring environment.

While the book is on how to grow your reputation in business, my goal with Language Professionals’ Networking Event was never to grow my reputation or to see some sort of impact on my businesses.

My goal was simply to build a supportive community that I could turn to for meaningful conversations and inspiration when needed, and offer my support.

It’s also a non-profit initiative, with proceeds going to pay for the room hire, drinks, and what remains from the monthly budget goes to support Moorfields Eye Charity.

On the other hand, something profitable evolved from this that I did not anticipate at the start:

Fellow linguists expressed their interest to deliver more substantial trainings and unique workshops to those in our audience and followers who are interested in their area of expertise and would like to learn more.

While the regular monthly events are non-profit, these training events and exclusive workshops are for profit, to honour the trainer’s work, and to support Language Professionals’ Networking Event to continue delivering a great experience.

It still stands true: People now more than ever, crave for real personal connection in an increasingly online world.


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