The USP is You – Timea Kadar’s new book is out

This book is so much more than ‘just’ a bunch of ideas. It goes way beyond ‘strategy’. It gives you email templates, practical case studies and a step by step guide on how to build a personal brand and grow your reputation. I highly recommend it to fellow language professionals and to any entrepreneur who struggles to articulate how they are different to others. Here’s my review and some of my own take-aways from the book.

A shiny golden envelop turns up in the letter box – and it’s rather heavy. Upon touching it, I know immediately that it’s a book. Any book lover would know about the excitement when a cherished item arrives. But this is excitement x 2, as I’m not expecting anything. What book is this?

Well, turns out, Timea Kadar kindly sent me a copy of her latest book, The USP is You. Build Your Personal Brand and Grow Your Reputation. Time to put the kettle on – and get into it, right away!

English breakfast tea with a touch of milk, The USP is You book with cover open, and Timea's kind words addressing Gabriella Ferenczi, in Hungarian
English breakfast tea with a touch of oat milk & Timea’s kind words to me, in Hungarian

Timea starts by explaining what personal branding actually is, and what we can expect from it.

In a nutshell, as she puts it:

It’s about being known for what you’re best at.

Are you known for what you’re best at? Am I known for what I’m best at? What can I do differently to be more clear about what I do? And how can I spread my message? Immediately, questions are arising, and Timea answers them, one by one, in a no-nonsense, practical way which is exactly what I love about her as a marketing teacher and mentor.

She explains how to get into the press – and how not to approach journalists. Again, she doesn’t just share ideas and strategies, but gives customisable email templates with carefully crafted sentences. You can immediately see where you would have gone wrong if just you do it yourself, without her support and guidance in the book.

She also talks about approaching influencers, forming online partnerships, and how guest blogging can get you in front of a larger audience to amplify your message.

Then, once you’re published and featured – hurray, but how can you make the most of it? Sharing on social media is one thing, but there’s so much more you can do to maximise the impact.

Then, she goes into how you can build your own media empire. After all, these days, everyone who’s in business is a publisher. We publish blogs, social updates, brochures, articles, videos, leaflets. You can host your own podcast, you can have your own Youtube channel, radio channel, you can even launch your own magazine and publish your own book. And you can also organise your own events.

Timea then tells the in and out of how she organised the Marketing Megahits Festival – a 5-day! online marketing extravaganza in October 2020. I was an attendee – and it was brilliant. Now, I understand how she pulled it off. She shares how she invited the speakers, what was her pricing strategy, and how she marketed and promoted the event.

She also includes a piece on how Language Professionals’ Networking came into being, and how we reach bring together language professionals from all around the world.

The email pitch templates at the end of the book are an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to be more visible and grow the reputation they deserve.

As Timea says:

Nobody has the same skillset, experience, thoughts and achievements as you do. The USP is you!

Timea is a speaker at Signal. A Festival by Language Professionals’ Networking Event. She’ll talk about the concepts she shares in the book and how language professionals can build a strong personal brand to help their marketing.

Have a look at the details of her talk and the rest of the day’s programme here:

To find out more on Timea’s book, click here.


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