Hello & Welcome!

Welcome! I’m Gabriella Ferenczi.


My ultimate goal is to add value to your life and your business and give you some personal insights and tools you can immediately use when it comes to personal and business development with a special focus on communication.

I am a German & Hungarian teacher turned marketing and communication specialist, entrepreneur and investor who feels it would be selfish to keep to herself all those fantastic lessons life and business has thrown at her and keeps doing so.

My motto:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

So far, my life has taught me so much about building and marketing a business as well as love, happiness & co that I feel obliged to share with others what I have learnt along the way. Because we all go through ups and downs, and it is such a good feeling to have a helping hand to reach out to that helps you get back on track.

On this blog, I want to be this helping hand and inspire you too to take charge of your success by sharing with you my successes and challenges along the way of creating my life, our life.

Yes, folks, I’m not alone on this journey.

I strongly believe in the saying that …

… luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.


If the great Greek philosopher is right, then I can call myself super lucky to have been well prepared to meet, fall in love with and marry an extraordinary man who ensures that our journey is one of an adventure.


It has been a ride with him and I’ll get him contribute here too – He has about as much to share as I do, if not more, hah! His drive and passion is my greatest source of inspiration, EVER.

What keeps me ticking besides entrepreneurship and blogging?

  • I’m the author of an upcoming book called Step Up & Take Responsibility.
  • I adore nature and love watching adventure shows like Bear Grylls or 10000BC.
  • My favourite food is filet steak, medium rare with sweet potato chips and a glass of Malbec – Yes, I am a foodie and can talk for hours about cooking and baking J
  • I’m the biggest ever fan of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1.
  • My all time fave band is and will be Bon Jovi – Aaaaalwayyyys.
  • What I enjoy the most is spending quality time with my husband discussing life, business and future plans.

Professional Bio

Gabriella has been teaching German and Hungarian as a foreign language for company executives and private professionals ever since she graduated in 2006 in Budapest.

She studied in Hungary (ELTE Budapest ) and Germany (Philipps-Universität Marburg) where she did extensive research work for her final degree thesis and finished with an excellent degree as a teacher and philologist.

After teaching for a year and a half at a fantastic language school in Budapest, she moved to London UK in 2007 and established her private tuition business that grew solely by the good old ‘word of mouth’.

Gabriella has worked with people from various backgrounds including company executives, bankers, lawyers, IT people, and accountants, and has covered a wide range of topics in her classes, such as HR, real estate financing, investments, accounts and bookkeeping, corporate law, global markets – international stock, money and capital markets trading, database management, secretarial duties, account management, insurance, re-insurance.

So often I find that the students I’m trying to teach and inspire
are the ones that end up
teaching and inspiring me.

Her mission as a teacher is to make teaching fun and engaging, and to help you achieve your greatest potential to succeed in business and life using the target language at your desired level.

As a marketing and communication specialist, she contributes to the success of budding small and medium size businesses that have a great product or service to offer but need help to communicate their ideas to the target audience as well as their staff better.

Her aim as an entrepreneur and author is to teach and inspire people to take responsibility for their health, wealth and happiness and boost their business skills to create a life that they love.

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