Why do I call myself a ‘language coach’?

I get this question whenever I get new inquiries. Good point – why not language teacher or trainer or tutor?

Here’s the answer:

In my classes, I do so much more than teaching:

My duty is to get the best out of you, to inspire you and guide you along the way to reach a personal or professional goal: To be able to speak German or Hungarian at a certain level for very specific reasons – either for work or for personal motives.

I call myself a language coach because, after careful listening and planning, I help you to unlock your potential and provide training, advice and guidance.


A big part of my job is to motivate you to keep going despite challenges you face along the way, and once we get to a basic conversational level, the whole process takes place entirely in German or Hungarian and becomes an ever-evolving interaction between the two of us. This guided interaction will lead you to your goal in a very natural and spontaneous way.

It’s a very personal learning process, at times gets close to therapy, and it’s also a highly rewarding journey to embark on.

Thinking about studying a foreign language? If it’s German or Hungarian, let me know, I have very limited number of time slots available until December.


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