The true cost of not learning a language

Members of a community welcoming a new member.

Trouble getting from A to B, not knowing how to  politely apologise for an inconvenience, not understanding what other people are saying around you, afraid of being misunderstood … Just a few of the practical problems my clients articulate when signing up for a language coaching programme.

But the underlying problem is much more complex:

Language barrier can cause you having trouble with day-to-day living, therefore, you constantly rely on other people’s help, you can’t participate in a conversation, in other words: you’re not self-sufficient.

The result: You feel and are perceived like an outsider, you’re not part of the community.

In business, language barrier can cause internal inefficiencies, lengthy negotiations, loss of contracts and business confidence, and ultimately: It can cost you business and money. 

Language Coaching is designed to help you overcome these problems in the fastest possible way, respecting your learning  style, personality and busy schedule.

The Ultimate Gain 

  1. You’ll feel more confident in the company of people.
  2. You’ll be able to build meaningful relationships.
  3. You’ll talk more freely in situations that are relevant and important to you.
  4. You’ll be perceived as someone to whom it’s important to understand language and culture.
  5. You’ll become part of a community.

If you’re thinking about starting to learn or getting better at a language, there’s probably good reason for it: You already have experienced the feelings I describe above. All I can say it that you shouldn’t hesitate for a second. Find a training programme that suits you and enjoy the ride.


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