New chapter

This website/blog started back in March 2016 with the goal to start writing out some of the ideas that keep crossing my mind that I thought would benefit anyone interested in language studies, personal and business development. Now, it’s time to start a new chapter.

Over the past 10 years in London, I’ve worked with over 100 clients who learnt German and Hungarian with me. I realised that these extremely busy, hard-working, stressed out and time- poor business leaders needed a different approach to learning a new language. That’s how the concept of language coaching was born.

I’ve worked with clients in various industries from finance, insurance, law to fashion. I’ve coached people working for some of the largest international organisations to help them prepare for important meetings and presentations, business trips. I’ve helped clients get from scratch to reading, watching and understanding industry news, important documents and contracts. I’ve helped them to participate in email flows and panel discussions, or just make the right first impression on their business partners.

London City

Over the last decade doing what I do, I’ve discovered that there are 7 key ingredients to make a language learning process highly effective and ejoyable for business people. I put all of these into a language coaching programme which is designed to help overcome these problems in the fastest possible way, respecting the client’s learning style, personality and busy schedule.

I’ve been preaching and practising this for years, with great success, and now I feel the obligation to share the concept with like-minded language teachers, colleagues and partners and build a scalable business with a big mission:

We want to help British businesses to thrive in the international environment, so that they can take advantage of new opportunities in the multilingual world.

The international role of English has certainly benefitted cross-border communications for Britain, however one should not forget about the fact that being dependent on the goodwill of other people’s ability to speak English may not send out the signal that British businesses want to represent.

We want to help Brits to gain back their linguistic confidence, we want them to enjoy learning new languages even as adults, and we want to help them navigate through intercultural difficulties more efficiently.

ProLingua Global is the name of the new venture, and I’m proud to have found great strategic partners, fellow language teachers and mentors who will contribute to making this vision not only a success but also give a whole new depth and dimension to it.

Together is better.

The new mission requires a new role from me, meaning that this website will turn into a personal blog where I’ll share bits and pieces of my entrepreneurial journey, successes and drawbacks along the way, with the hope that you may find something useful, interesting, reassuring or inspiring in it.

If you want to follow me on my personal and entrepreneurial journey, make sure you stay in touch with me here. For resources on language learning however, follow the ProLingua Global mission and click here for email updates. (Website is launching in January 2018.)

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and prosperous new year.



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