Thrive Online

Simple Online Marketing for Language Professionals who don’t get and don’t do tech. That’s Thrive Online, my new passion project that I’m excited to launch.

As part of it, you can listen to weekly podcasts to learn about the practical aspects of online marketing.

I’ll host free webinars throughout 2021 where I’ll show how anyone can set up a professional online presence for themselves that generates clients.

The thing is, I got to know hundreds of wonderful language professionals over the course of the 2+ years since Language Professionals’ Networking Event has been up and running. And if there’s one thing that makes me sad it’s when I meet brilliant, truly professional people who’re struggling to make a living.

They’re struggling not because they’re bad at what they do.

They’re struggling not because they don’t invest into their professional development.

They’re struggling because they don’t have systems in place that would allow them to have a steady stream of clients coming their way.

I believe it’s down to 2 fundamental things to cut through the online noise and make a living as a language professional:

  • Business education (I’ve done plenty and continue to do so)
  • Learning some basic but essential practical marketing skills

When it comes to the latter, I have a thing or two to share. Language professionals keep turning to me, asking marketing related questions all the time. And so, it’s my time to step up and help.

Have a look around this page here, I really hope that you’ll find some useful nuggets here that you might want to follow:

Wishing you and yours some well-deserved downtime and a very happy new year to come.

Merry Christmas


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