Why Study Languages?

When Gabrielle Hogan-Brun asked me to read the manuscript of her upcoming book and write an endorsement, I was truly honoured.

I’ve been following Gabrielle’s work for a while. I always turn to her book Linguanomics for inspiration when preparing materials to discuss with my language clients at ProLingua Global.

Now, her new book is officially out: Why Study Languages?

‘Why Study Languages?’  is the next book in a new series that began with ‘Why Study History?’ followed by ‘Geography’ and ‘Mathematics’.

The books are aimed at students considering whether to study a subject at university, and in each case the authors of course claim that their subject is the most important thing in the world.

The books also have a lot to say about what to expect of a university course, how to apply, where to apply, how to make the most of your time at university and so on. The market for the books may well include parents of students, and also mature learners.

The ‘Languages’ book is written by Gabrielle Hogan-Brun at Bristol University, and once again, she did a brilliant job.

Here’s the long version of the endorsement I wrote for the cover:

Languages have the power to shape our life, our future. In this great new book that’s full of inspiration but also pragmatism, Gabrielle illustrates just how. You’ll find here real-life stories of both ordinary and famous people. You’ll see how knowing languages helped them to become successful and find their place in the world. You’ll read about all sorts of careers you might consider using languages. And you’ll also learn how and where you can get started.

If you wonder whether studying languages is the right path for you, this comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide will help you decide. (And I hope your answer will be a yes!)

Gabrielle will be running a book launch webinar on March 31st (8pm Uk time) to discuss the question posed by the book.

If you’d like an invite, let me know and I can get you on the guest list.


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