Marketing is useless. (Unless you have a solid business strategy)

In this week’s podcast, Nathalie Danon joins Gabriella Ferenczi to discuss marketing, business, delegating vs outsourcing, and why resilience and a vivid imagination are vital skills when it comes to marketing our language business.

Nathalie Danon is an award-winning language entrepreneur, business coach and mentor for language professionals.

In this interview, she shares how she grew from being a language teacher to establishing The Vici Language Academy in Berkshire.

She talks about what marketing channels they use to advertise their services at the academy. She talks honestly about successful marketing campaigns that worked well. And she also opens up about some marketing failures which provided valuable lessons.

Nathalie then shares her recipe as to how she decides which tasks she delegates to a marketing agency or someone on her team, and which ones she prefers to keep to herself.

And she explains why marketing without a solid business strategy is just a waste of time and money.

Tune in to find out more.

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A must-watch, must-listen episode for all language professionals who work freelance and run their language business.

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