Why the curse of knowledge is getting in the way of marketing your language business

In this week’s podcast, Timea Kadar joins Gabriella Ferenczi to discuss marketing, storytelling, and the challenges of writing for our business.

Timea is a marketing consultant at the award-winning Francis Cooper Marketing Consultancy. She has been in marketing for over 20 years, and she was involved in thousands of successful marketing campaigns. She organises sell-out events like the Marketing Megahits Festival which is an annual marketing extravaganza in the online space.

She regularly runs LinkedIn challenges to help people get leads and business through LinkedIn.Timea recently launched her ‘YourStory Programme’ to help business owners and entrepreneurs to communicate their USP on social media and in their pitches.

In the interview, we talk about Timea’s story from the corporate world to running her own marketing consultancy in London. We discuss copywriting and why it is that we find it especially challenging to write about ourselves and our business.

Timea then goes on to share why storytelling in business has received such hype these days but why it really is so powerful. Hint: It’s unique. (Nobody else has your stories.)

And she gives us some brilliant prompts that can help us discover our own stories. As she puts it:

‘You don’t have to say how you stand out. The story will show it.’

Just follow the prompts she mentions and you’ll end up with a treasure trove of content that you can share with your audience.

Tune in to find out more.

To watch the interview on Thrive Online’s new Youtube channel, click on this link or just hit the play button:

If you prefer to listen to our conversation, then this way please:

This is a must-watch, must-listen episode for language professionals who find it challenging to come up with new content to market their language business.

To find out more about Timea and her work, visit https://franciscooper.com/

And while you’re here, don’t leave without having a look at this:


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