Copy & Design: How to avoid looking fancy at the expense of clarity

In this week’s podcast, Connor Kane joins Gabriella Ferenczi to talk about the power of clear and effective communication and the principle of keeping things simple when it comes to website design and copy.

Connor is a language coach based in the US. He has a professional marketing background in web design and strategy and has just launched his very own language training business.

In our conversation, we cover a wide range of marketing topics such as why it’s difficult to charge a higher price for your services if all you have is an Instagram page.

He shares some valuable tips about what to pay attention to when you DIY your website to make sure that you convey the value that you bring to the table for your customer.

We talk about letters, fonts, colours and design and how we can nail the right balance.

Connor also explains why it’s so important to listen to our clients and the words they use when they talk about the challenges they have as it relates to our language services.

As he puts it:

Listen to how your customers describe their problems. The words they use to are more powerful than our own words. Use their language to connect with them and help them imagine a world where their problems don’t exist anymore.

To watch the interview on Thrive Online’s new Youtube channel, click on this link or just hit the play button:

If you prefer to listen to our conversation, then it’s this way:

A must-watch, must-listen episode for language professionals who want to understand more about the power of simple but effective copy and design that resonates with the audience they want to do business with.

More about Connor:

Connor Kane is a language coach who helps simplify language learning so you can speak confidently faster. He also shares advice and strategies for effective language learning on his blog at He is a lifelong language learner and enthusiast currently working on his German. 

Reach out to Connor and follow his work using these links:



If you’ve had a chance to watch or listen to our conversation, tell us: Did you have any ahas? If so, what is the single biggest insight you’re taking away and actioning – today?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Remember – ideas are great, but the power is in the implementation.


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