What to expect from a 20-hour language training programme

Thinking about signing up for a language training programme? Most language schools offer 20-hour courses. 20 seems to be a magic number when it comes to language studies indeed. Why?

In 20 hours, you can indeed achieve certain short-term goals, it’s a relatively low-cost initial investment and it will also help you get a feel whether you and your teacher are a good fit.

What you can actually achieve in a 20-hour time frame depends on many things, including frequency of classes and your commitment. (A good tutor has got the skills to influence the latter with some rather specialised techniques …)

What you should expect if you’re a beginner, starting from scratch

By the end of a 20-hour course, you should be able to initiate social interactions, introduce yourself in a simple but professional! way, ask questions, ask for clarification, ask the other person to slow down and speak more clearly. You should also be able to spell as well as to read and pronounce things properly. Expressing time and talking about your daily routine activities including work shouldn’t be an issue either, and you should also not stay hungry because you’ll know how to shop for or order food when eating out in the country of your target language.

This could be generally speaking the start, but if your lessons are tailored, it would all depend on your actual needs that should be defined in your personal training plan.

What you should expect if you’re more advanced

If you can understand main points of a clear standard chat and can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling, you can work towards taking your knowledge to the next level.

20 hours of tuition would be able to help you to brush up on your existing skills and extend your vocabulary in a few key areas that should be determined upon the start. Reading authentic texts, listening to authentic audio materials, watching short documentaries sparks meaningful conversations in my classroom which ensures the lessons are relevant, fun and engaging. With your teacher’s right support and guidance, your language skills should start to improve without you actually realising. The only thing you should notice is that you’ll be more confident and fluent

Thinking of signing up for a German or Hungarian course?

Visit this page to learn more about my approach and see if it’s something that resonates with you.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Have you signed up for a 20-hour language course before? If so, did it deliver to your expectation in reaching your short-term goals? If yes, what did you find most useful, and if not, what did you miss?

Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

As ever, thank you so much for reading, and I hope to catch you next time.


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