Language Coaching

Chances are, you are either a private individual thinking about learning German or Hungarian for personal reasons, or you are the representative of a business that has links to Germany or Hungary, meaning that you or your employees would benefit from a language trainer to take business relationships to the next level.

Either way, welcome.

As a German & Hungarian language coach, my ultimate goal is to add value to your business and to your life. I care deeply about you and your personal development and am committed to making your learning process fun whilst achieving the results you are after.

I want to inspire you to take charge of your own success, and if learning a foreign language is what takes you, your employees and your business to the next goal, I’d be honoured to be your guide and mentor along the way.

I’ve worked with people from various backgrounds including company executives, bankers, lawyers, IT people, accountants, and covered a wide range of topics in my coaching sessions, including:

  • HR
  • Real estate financing
  • Investments
  • Accounts and bookkeeping
  • Corporate law
  • Global markets – international stock, money and capital markets trading
  • Database management
  • Secretarial duties
  • Account management
  • Insurance and re-insurance
  • … and much much more.


My boutique language coaching programmes are highly bespoke, designed to best suit your needs, and are based on what works at the highest end of the market, having worked with the best of the best.

Language  Coaching is designed to give you:

  1. The best strategies that will get you where you want to be, in the fastest time.
  2. Accountability. (I don’t accept excuses, only results.)
  3. Certainty.

I  want you to follow your programme and get the outstanding results that you defined at the outset. If you don’t follow the training programme, you are wasting both your and my time.

To ensure I can deliver consistently high-quality services, my capacity is limited to 20 coaching clients a year. Therefore, I’m selective with clients. I only work with people I genuinely believe I can serve well and who would really benefit from my approach.

I will challenge you and support you to raise your standards and attain the results you desire and deserve. I work with clients who are fully committed to creating significant change and get the best out of their investment.

First, we clarify the results you want to achieve and get 100% focused. Then, we assess where you are now and how we are going to bridge the gap to where you want to be.

By becoming a client, you are entering a partnership. We are both committed to powerfully improving your language skills, widen your horizon and create lasting change.

These are the steps to becoming a client:

  • Send me an email to (or fill in the contact form further below) to ask for my Icebreaker Pdf and Language Coaching Brochure.
  • If you resonate to the ideas and principles set out there, we schedule a free of charge, no obligation 30-45 mins strategy session so I can find out more about your needs, your strengths and weaknesses, your past experiences with language studies etc. and I’ll give you some valuable advice and insights you can take away and start using immediately.
  • Based on what we discuss at the strategy session, I’ll give you a bespoke quote.
  • You decide if it’s the right fit and if so, …
  • … I’ll create your personalised training plan and we’ll fit it into our schedule.
My Answers to your Questions

1. Can you cover my line of business, including technical jargon?

If your business operates in any of the above areas, most probably yes. You would be surprised that I happened to do coaching sessions covering car mechanics, architecture and a few rather odd topics too (and I quite enjoyed it!). If you are in doubt, do get in touch and I’ll see if I’ll be able to help.

2. How quickly can you deliver results?

That depends on many things, including frequency of sessions and commitment of the clients. Good news is that I can influence the latter with some rather specialised techniques … Honestly, no excuses!

A few examples:

  • If you’re a beginner starting from scratch, this is what you can expect after taking 20 hours of language coaching (that is 20 times 60 minutes):

You’ll be able to introduce yourself professionally (in a simple way), ask questions, ask the other person to slow down and speak more clearly. You’ll also be able to spell as well as to read and pronounce things properly. Expressing time and talking about your daily routine activities including work won’t be an issue either, and you will also not stay hungry because you’ll know how to order food when eating out in the country of your target language.

This is generally speaking the start, but it all depends on your actual needs.

  • If you’re more advanced, say you can understand main points of a clear standard chat and can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling; we can work towards taking your knowledge to the next level.

20 hours of language coaching would help you to brush up on your existing skills and extend your vocabulary in a few key areas that we determine upon the start. We would read authentic texts and listen to authentic audio materials, watch short documentaries on your chosen topics and your language skills will start to improve organically, through natural conversations. You’ll become more confident and fluent …

3. Can you teach to specific goals (eg. internal meetings, preparation for a presentation)?

Absolutely. If you need to brush up on your language skills because of an important sales meeting, or you are expecting visitors, maybe you need to deliver a killer presentation – I can help to get the most out of it so you can impress your German or Hungarian business partners.

You and/or your business needs to stand out from the competition. If you do or would like to do deals with Germany or Hungary, one way to stand out from the crowd is impressing the potential business partners by showcasing your language skills.

4. How much do you charge?

When it comes to pricing, I operate at the higher end of the spectrum. Language Coaching, like any other training programme, is indeed an investment. I know how successful people think; And  I need leverage on you. Without enough leverage, there won’t be enough drive and consequently, there won’t be enough change.

I am 100% certain about what I do. My clients achieve extraordinary results.

No two clients are the same and no two training programmes are the same. Request my Icebreaker Pdf & Language Coaching Brochure with more info about my approach schedule a free strategy session so I can give you a bespoke quote.

Just email me on, stating the language you’re interested in and any other questions you may have. I promise to respond within 24 hours.

Or if you prefer to leave a note right here, just fill in this quick form:


4. Who teaches?

Me. It’s only me, and I’m fiercely dedicated to providing consistent encouragement, wisdom and tools to keep you moving ahead.

5. Where do you teach?

I am based in London, and my classes are in the City within TFL zone 1, and I also do coaching sessions via Skype. I was quite sceptical when I tried it first, but I can confirm that it does work brilliantly.

6. Do you do group classes?

Yes, I do, however the maximum size of a group I’m willing to work with is 4. I don’t believe in the effectiveness of groups with more than 4 people. By keeping the number at 4, I can ensure that even if it’s just a 60 minute class, everyone will have the chance to speak and contribute. No hiding guys ;)
Learning will be a much more personal experience, your time is used efficiently and the studying potential is maximised. That’s something I don’t want to compromise on.

7. Can you provide progress reports?

Yes, absolutely. You decide on the frequency. I usually suggest after each 20 hours block or 2/3 months.

 8. What makes your classes different to all the others out there?

More on this in my Icebreaker Pdf and Language Coaching Brochure, but I can give a you a list of bullet points:

  • I don’t follow a course book. I think they are boring.
  • I won’t stop you every single time you make a mistake and yet, you’ll still learn from them.
  • I love “challenging” students (Yes, you! If you think you’re incapable, I want to prove you wrong!)
  • I don’t do just teaching. I’m very open-minded and have a strong business mindset. I’m also a marketing & communication strategist, a writer and entrepreneur myself.
    So when it comes to understanding business needs, budgeting for personal development etc, I’ll know what you’re talking about from my very own personal experience.
  • And ultimately, I’m more than a language teacher. My mission is a lot more complex:
    I want to understand your needs, inspire you, motivate you, support you.
    I want to praise you, engage you and encourage you.
    In a way, I’ll be a mentor for you when it comes to becoming confident to express yourself in the target language.
    Because ultimately, it’s not just about learning the words, phrases and the culture, but it’s also about confidence.

“Learning another language is like becoming another person.”
Haruki Murakami

I want you to become a confident person when speaking a foreign language and if we are the right fit, I would be honoured to be part of the transition as your guide.