Use an email opt-in offer to convert anonymous online visitors into email subscribers

Just imagine this: A person stumbles across your website in the online universe. They take the time and effort to check out who you are, they spend some time on your site and maybe, they start to toy with the idea that you could potentially help them. They’re not yet ready to buy, but they’re warming up to the idea to learn more from you. Would you like to stay in touch with these anonymous visitors? Yes, you would. And this is where an email opt in comes into the picture.

In the tenth and the last episode of the first season of Marketing Nuggets, I talk about email opt-ins.

An opt-in offer is a valuable, relevant freebie that you offer your website visitors in exchange for their contact information.
A great freebie can do a lot of things for you. It establishes trust and goodwill with your new subscriber. It demonstrates that you care about your customer and that you understand them and their values, their world view.

A great email opt-in offer also gives your subscriber a no-risk way to experience you and what you can potentially offer, so they can get a feel for your tone, your vibe, and your professionalism.
It can generate interest and desire to buy your paid offerings.

Tune in for more and learn how to decide what to offer as a freebie to your website visitors:

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