How a multilingual website can help you sell more and increase your credibility

In this week’s podcast, Stirling Austin joins me to discuss why our language skills should be treated as valuable business assets that we can productise in many different ways. He demonstrates how a multilingual website can help us to widen our business offering.

Stirling kicks off by sharing his background story of reinventions. Bilingual French/English, Stirling has managed, bought, sold, acquired, merged, restructured and turned around businesses in the UK, France, and Europe and Germany, started and developed four companies and two business units from scratch and completed a number of successful assignments as an Interim Manager.

Then, after a spell as a professional musician, he established Pixel Executive and started up in web design.

He talks about the right kind of business mindset and points out the difference between ‘being a translator’ and ‘running a business, using translation skills’. As he puts it:

‘If you’re a translator, you’re way more than ‘just’ a translator. You’re in the business of translation.’

We then discuss multilingual websites.

Stirling shares what he thinks about DIY-ing our website as opposed to having it designed by a professional.

And we go into the nitty-gritty of plugins that can enhance the functionality of our website. Stirling shares what plugins he thinks should be banished, and which ones can be of good use when it comes to creating a multilingual website.

He then talks about why you don’t want to be a generalist and what he considers to be the single most important marketing skill to hone in on to find more clients online.

To watch the interview on Thrive Online’s new Youtube channel, click on this link or just hit the play button:

If you prefer to listen to our conversation, then it’s this way:

A must-watch, must-listen episode for language professionals who are thinking about growing their business by offering different services as part of their product portfolio.

To find out more about Stirling and his work, visit

And while you’re here, don’t leave without having a look at this:


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