Why active listening is one of the most underrated and most powerful things you can do for your business

In this podcast episode, linguist and communications consultant Eloise Leeson joins Gabriella Ferenczi to discuss linguistics and marketing, and how using the power of words can help us connect with the kind of clients we want to work with.

Eloise explains how words have a direct influence on our sales and marketing efforts. She talks about sociolects and the power of linguistic mirroring as an example and explains how we can bond with others and forge empathy through language and words.

She shares why active listening should be the backdrop of any marketing effort, and why marketing on assumption makes potential clients feel like commodities.

As she puts it:

Assuming anything about anybody is a really dangerous game to play because it says ‘I know you better than you know yourself’. Assumptions degrade people.

Eloise Leeson

The solution? Active listening – as Eloise explains.

We also talk about ‘clever, academic style writing’ and why we need to stop glorifying academic language as the be-all and end-all. Eloise then mentions how our subconscious drives our conscious language and why we want to be aware of the words our customers use consciously as well as subconsciously.

To watch the interview on Thrive Online’s Youtube channel, click this link or just hit the play button:

If you prefer to listen to our conversation, then it’s this way:

A must-watch, must-listen episode for language professionals who want to learn more about how to forge connections with potential clients through language and words.

To find out more about Eloise and her work, visit https://www.olimcomms.com/

The book Eloise mentions in the show is Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon.

More about Eloise:

Eloise Leeson is a trained linguist and communications specialist. She founded her own company, Olim, after cutting her teeth working with brands like Deliveroo, Edinburgh Gin, and BrewDog. 

Eloise works to help businesses close the gap between what they think they’re saying, and what’s actually being received by their customers. 

Passionate about empowering people through language, Eloise works to ensure that every single word communicated delivers increased engagement, real value, and visible results.

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